Leave Me Alone


Get out of Windows reboot petitions




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Each time Windows downloads and installs any update you'll suffer that annoying windows asking you to restart the system, no matter what you wil be doing at that moment. You'll see that nag screen appear on screen each 10 minutes, and it's really annoying.

Leave Me Alone is a simple and effective application that allows us to get rid of those annoying and repetitive Windows Update warnings.

The interface of Leave Me Alone is simple, just one button, but it is the best button you can find in those moments when you have to leave the computer for a few minutes but you know that the restart petition will appear and it will destroy what you are doing, the button that will make that petition disappear until you restart the system manually.

Don't hesitate, Leave Me Alone is one of those programs you must have on your computer because it is extremely useful, just press Leave Me Alone! button and Windows will stop nagging you to reboot.
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